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Streamfile does painless point-to-point transfers with 256-bit encryption

Need a nice, simple way to share files securely with someone? Check out web-based Streamfile. Free transfers work for anything up to 150Mb, and it's all Javascript - no Flash. The interface is uncluttered and straightforward: enter the recipient's email address, pick your file, agree to the terms, You're free to pass along the link to a friend as soon as it appears beneath your progress bar....

Relakks: Anonymous surfing from the Pirate Party

Sweden's Pirate Party, a political party dedicated to intellectual property reform, has announced the launch of Relakks, a service that anonymizes your internet use. There's not much to tell about the service itself--it works via encrypted VPN, which is easy to set up in Windows and OS X, and costs either 5 Euros (about US$6.40) per month or 50 Euros (about $64) per year. The Pirate Party has a...