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Threadsy puts your email and social media in one interface

Threadsy is an interesting new approach to managing all of your inboxes at once. It's a newly launched beta product that connects to your email provider and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, and presents everything in a unified interface. The Threadsy interface consists of two panes. The Inbound pane on the left is the primary pane, and it's essentially your inbox for incoming...

MailDrop automatically saves email attachments to Dropbox

Dropbox has to be one of the easiest ways to move files around. If you receive a lot of files in your email that you'd like to move into your Dropbox, check out MailDrop. MailDrop is a Windows executable that will watch a specific folder in an email account, and download any attachments on messages it finds in that folder to the folder you specify in your DropBox account. It can connect to any...