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Get full version of FairUse Wizard DVD ripper for free

FairUse Wizard has been one of our favorite DVD archiving applications for a long time. The application makes ripping DVDs almost as easy as ripping CDs. You just pop in a disc, decide where to save it, and FairUse Wizard will do all the heavy lifting, ripping and compressing your video using the DiVX, XViD, or H.264 codecs. FairUse typically comes in two varieties. There's a free version that...

One click DVD archiving with DVD Rip

There are plenty of applications that help you rip DVDs to your computer. But for the most part, you need to click through a series of long and tedious menus. DVD Rip provides a one click DVD archiving solution, no headaches required. Rip DVD was put together by the folks at productivity blog Lifehacker. It's designed to work with the popular DVD archiving application DVD Shrink. In order for Rip...