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Internet Explorer 9 Beta video leaks, no metro in sight

Take this one with a grain of salt: A video purportedly showing Internet Explorer 9 beta has found its way to YouTube. It seems rather convincing – you see the browser score 95/100 in ACID3 and go through the paces of some of the new browser benchmarks. The biggest letdown here is that the UI seems incredibly ... mundane. I mean, for some reason the guy filming the video opened every link...

UPLOADnSELL lets you sell E-Books and software easily... maybe

On paper, UPLOADnSELL sounds good: Upload an e-book, music files, software, or anything else. Send a PayPal link to your customers, via your site or email. The customer goes to PayPal and pays, and you get the money directly. UPLOADnSELL gets a notification from PayPal and emails your customer the link to your file. The customer downloads the file, and everybody's happy. However,...