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Tag: DROP.IO and officially shut down

At the end of October, Facebook acquired and set about integrating the media sharing service into At that time, they spelled out December 15th as the final shutdown date -- and while it's taken a few extra days, has finally flatlined. Unsurprisingly, the company's less-talked-about screen sharing service has also been shuttered. Both sites now display a ...

Facebook buys file sharing service, shuts it down

Facebook's latest acquisition is the cloud-based media sharing service, which offered a quick and versatile way to upload and share all kinds of files, from pictures to videos to documents. According to a blog post from, the service will be shutting down December 15th (paid users won't have to pay after November 15th), and deleting all user data. Nothing's being rolled over to Face... rolling out as default Yahoo! Mail 'large attachment' provider

Commencing noon EST today, online collaboration provider becomes Yahoo Mail's default 'Attach Large Files' provider. If you're wondering where you've heard mentioned before, drop.the company was recently featured on Time's list of the 50 best web apps of 2009. Built on top of's open API, the change is a significant boost for the service, which up until now has pr... launches public beta

I'm a big fan of, the real-time sharing and collaborating tool. Today, is launching the public beta for, which aims to make web-based presentations really easy. This is a great compliment to existing services, and The service is really easy to use. You create a drop (or add a presentation to an existing drop), upload the files you want ... free conference calls, voicemail and podcasting from

Phony-o? It sounds like an April Fools' Day joke, but it's not. The team is actually releasing new services at an amazing rate, and the latest is a conference calling, voicemail recording, podcast ready app called It works like any other drop, in that you can set it up in a couple of clicks by just naming it and giving it a password. Your drop has phone numbers... launches real-time collaboration in 2 clicks

Last week file sharing service launched a new real-time feature that allow users to chat with one another at a drop site. Today the company is fleshing out the real-time features by adding support for free conference calls. This means you can set up a virtual space for a conference at a moment's notice, chat with participants, talk on the phone, record or listen to voicemails, and share ... store music in the cloud with is known for having one of the best, most simple file storage interfaces out there. They've already expanded into file sending ( and tweeting (, and music playlists are the next thing on the hit list. Enter It gives you 102mb of space to upload audio files into a playlist that you can play or redownload from anywhere. Once your music is uploaded, you can cu... Firefox extension enables drag and drop uploading

Online file sharing service already provides one of the easiest ways to share documents and media files. Now the company is making things even easier with a Firefox addon that lets you drag and drop files to your browser. Here's how it works. You install the somewhat cleverly titled Drag & extension and create a drop point by visiting Then you can just drag any file...

Send free faxes online with

We rarely run into situations where we absolutely have to send a fax these days. Most of the time, a PDF will do. But if you need to send a document to someone whose only means of communication with the outside world is a fax machine, you can still sign and send the contract necessary to help that nice Nigerian fellow's funds out of the bank account they're stuck in. is a file sharing s...

Record and share voice messages on the web with

Online file storage/sharing site has added a new feature that makes it even easier to share messages with a group of friends or colleagues. Last month we told you how you could use to set up a temporary web site for sharing office documents and multimedia files with other users. Now the service has launched voice, which lets you record and share voice messages. Here's how...

Share files with

YouSendIt, MailBigFile, and Driveway are great if you need to share a file that's too large to fit in an email attachment. But what if you want to share a bunch of files with a group of people? Sure, you could just keep sending out emails with that link, but wouldn't it be nice if you could set up a temporary web page where people could download files or view pictures, watch videos, or listen to...