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Firefox 4's best restartless add-ons

Unless you've been sleeping under a rock, or in a tent outside the Googleplex with an "I LOVE SCHMIDT" banner, you hopefully know that Firefox 4 supports restartless add-ons, or in developerese: bootstrapped extensions. Unfortunately, however, the process of converting an existing add-on into a restartless wonder is far from simple. A few months ago, back when the Firefox 4 beta machine really ...

drag2up for Chrome brings drag-and-drop uploading to the whole Web

One of my favorite Gmail features is the ability to drag-and-drop attachments onto email messages. That's so cool! There's no more browsing for files – the whole thing feels much more like a desktop app. drag2up is a Chrome add-on that aspires to bring that same functionality to the whole Web. It's super-cool – when it works. I've selected the screenshot above for that exact reason. T...