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Microsoft to let users downgrade from Windows 7 to Vista or XP

Windows XP is turning out to be the operating system that will not die. Microsoft had planned to phase out the OS a while back, but extended its life because Windows Vista is too resource-heavy to run on low powered computers like netbooks, which are taking the world by storm right now. You can't walk into a store and buy a retail copy of Windows XP anymore, but you can purchase a netbook with...

One in three new Vista machines downgraded to XP

You probably knew that a lot of dissatisfied WIndows Vista users had downgraded -- some might say "upgraded" -- to Windows XP. It was never clear exactly how many people took that step, but it was enough that Microsoft extended the shelf life for XP for a while. Now we have a number, thanks to a survey by Devil Mountain Software: nearly 35% of new Vista machines are being downgraded. The survey...

Microsoft allowing PC makers to offer XP downgrade from Vista

Windows Vista is pretty. Nobody disputes the fact that the Aero interface is pretty, and in some cases even useful. And there are a lot of security measures built into the operating system. But many users have reported software they rely on isn't compatible with the latest operating system from Microsoft. Power management features often don't work the way they're supposed to. And sometimes too...