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DonationCoder posts results of yearly NANY Event, great new applications

Who doesn't like quality free software? is one of our favorite resources for great utilities. You get the software for free, but you're encouraged to donate if you use it and enjoy it. Ever since 2007, DonationCoder has been running a yearly event called NANY, which stands for New Apps for the New Year. This year, over 30 different entries have been made, each with its own...

Boot Snooze combines the goodness of hibernation and rebooting

You want to shut down your Windows PC for the day, but you also want it to start as quickly as possible tomorrow morning. Waiting 3-4 minutes to load Windows plus all of the apps that you run at startup just isn't a (good) option. What do you do? You probably just put your computer into sleep or hibernation mode. But there's a better way. When you constantly use sleep or hibernate, there's a...