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Stage6 clone DivXit becomes Vreel

Remember that Stage6 clone called DivXit we told you about yesterday? Apparently the folks at DivX didn't really like its name too much. Because today the site has a new name: Vreel. There's also a new Q&A which makes it clear that while the site was inspired by DivX's defunct Stage6 video sharing service, Vreel will build a brand new video database. Vreel will, however, use the DivX codec ...

DivXit: The second coming of Stage6?

Almost two months to the day after DivX shut down its marginally popular Stage6 video sharing site, it looks like a third party group plans to resurrect the service. Or at least to clone it. There's not much information available about yet, other than the fact that the site should launch next week. We're going to go out on a limb and guess that the folks behind the site plan to imple...