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15+ free Windows apps to help you tackle Thanksgiving tech support

digg The holiday season has always been a time for gathering -- but in recent years, it's also been a time when family and friends come bearing gifts of computer troubles. Their computer friends -- people like the Download Squad team and you, our readers -- get asked to do everything from installing RAM upgrades to the annual computer tune-up. We're happy to oblige, of course, because there's a ...

How to replace the crappy pre-installed software on your new Windows 7 PC with great free apps

So you picked up a new Windows 7 laptop (or desktop) or you're planning on buying one in the very near future? If you took a look at display models in stores like Best Buy or Frye's, you no doubt noticed that new systems come with a lot of programs pre-installed. Lots of software is a good thing, right? Not always. Trouble is, what you get is often a) not really useful software or b) a time...

Sony charges $50 to remove crapware from your new PC

What's the first think you do when you get a new computer? You spend time trying to figure out how much of the junk preloaded by the manufacturer is worth keeping and how much you can throw away. Every now and again you'll get something useful like an antivirus program or software for managing your display settings. But just as often, you get demos of applications you have no plans to pay for. ...