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TeamViewer goes cross-platform, now available for download on Linux

Well, I can now cross yet another application off my list of apps I'd miss if I switched to Linux. TeamViewer, my remote support application of choice, has arrived -- bringing its zero-config screen sharing goodness to Linux. Some of the more recent additions -- like per-application screen sharing via TeamViewer's toolbar button -- haven't made it into the Linux version yet, but things adminis...

Flipping the Linux switch: Cairo-Dock is pain free eye candy

It's a weird phenomenon. Nearly every computer platform steals another one's look. Vista gets accused of trying to look too much like OS X. Linux desktops get accused of trying to look like Vista (except when they're accused of ripping off OS X). Well, okay, we guess really what that proves is that there's at least something distinctive and cutting edge about OS X's look. Love it or hate it, ever...

Flipping the Linux switch: Package management 101

Your shiny new Linux system has it all -- except that one program you really needed it to install. You get online, you find the program's website, and click 'download'. Except there's not just a link to the program there. There are four, or five, or more links to the program. Each has a slightly different format, ending with .rpm, .deb, .tgz, or possibly even .ebuild. Some include x86 in the na...