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BitDefender safego protects you from Facebook dangers

Facebook's immense popularity has made it a prime target for cybercriminals. Malicious (or 'poisoned') links, spam, and malvertising are all too common -- and it's far too easy for an unsuspecting Facebook user to be taken in. Hey, if one of your friends sends you a link to what seems like a hilarious picture, there's a decent chance you'll click through, right? ... And that's how the bad guys...

The Great Android Conspiracy -- a thrilling ride through six back-to-school Android apps for students!

Download Squad contributor Mark Bowytz decided to go freestyle with this rundown of Android apps -- please enjoy his geeky thriller ... and the apps, of course! Agent McCormick is to meet an informant who has some secrets to share about his Android phone...but will they make it out alive? The air in the Imperial Palace restaurant was a pungent mixture of fried dumplings and chemical fumes...

Adobe Acrobat bug more dangerous than originally thought

The Adobe Acrobat vulnerability that was reported here back on February 20th remains unpatched, and it now appears that the risk the bug presents is even greater than originally thought. Because of the way Adobe integrates into Windows explorer - to provide metadata information about PDF files - there is a chance that your system could become infected without ever opening a single file. Since the...