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Google Docs adds better data import options to spreadsheets

Power users (like our own Erez Zukerman) will tell you that Google Docs Spreadsheets don't have nearly the same chutzpah that Excel does -- not for really complex work, anyway. Still, Google keeps plugging away and adding features... Like better import options! Docs now supports custom delimiters and an inline preview pane for imported data. While you may not find the addition useful, it's the...

Support Details gives you system details instantly

I really enjoy what have come to be known as single-serving sites. These are sites that do only one specific thing, but the best of them do that thing exceedingly well. My new favorite site of this kind is Support Details. The URL is super easy to remember (, and when you pay the site a visit, it lists a bunch of details about your computer that you can include when making a sup...

Simple text spreadsheets with Listē

Need to put together a quick list or data table, but can't be bothered with the bloat of a full spreadsheet application? List² is a minimalist (32kb) application that can do just that. Its uncomplicated interface allows you to quickly assign names to columns and start entering your data. What can List² do with such a small footprint? Import and export tabbed data files, import CSV, exp...