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Download Squad's Pictures from The Crunchies After-Party

Don't worry, we're not going all Valleywag on our loyal readers, but with a bucket-load of photos from the Crunchies (and ensuing party) we thought it wise to separate the sober from the (Myspace-sponsored) party photos from San Francisco's City Hall. Thanks to all at TechCrunch for welcoming us Download Squad-ers to the event! ...

Download Squad's Pictures from The Crunchies

Friday night saw myself and our intrepid leader Victor Agreda Jr swing by the Crunchies. In amongst the swathes of free, MySpace-sponsered beer, we rubbed shoulders with many of the stars of Silicon Valley and acknowledge some of the notable services and devices of the last 12 months. Stay tuned for yet more photos from the after-party later today! ...

We're covering the Crunchies, live

Nik Fletcher and I are in the Herbst Theatre in downtown San Francisco covering the 2nd annual Crunchies -- billed as "our sometimes kitschy and irreverent awards ceremony" celebrating the best of the web. Or something. Perhaps Fake Steve Jobs said it best in this acceptance speech video. Follow downloadsquad on Twitter for up-to-date activities, and at the end of the ceremony we'll provide a...