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Huffington Post proves newspapers aren't dead, yet.

What's been on the Internet 12 hours too long, is 5 years too old and demonstrates the gaping chasm between blog journalism and credibility? This Huffington Post piece pointing to a five year old YouTube video as footage from yesterday's tsunami in American Somoa. Are you getting all your news on the Internet? Constantly cruising a mix of major and minor media sites, or sucking them all in at...

Pay Me Tweets helps you ruin any credibility you have on Twitter

Twitter, when used correctly, is the ultimate meritocracy. You can freely follow anyone you want, and just as freely unfollow them. For most users this means following people whose tweets they perceive they are gaining value from, and not following people who waste their time. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, particularly when it comes to so many of the self-professed "Social Media...