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MailBrowser for Gmail plugin is interesting, but needs work

MailBrowser is a new Gmail 3rd-party browser plugin that sits in the sidebar, giving you more information about your Gmail contacts. The plugin works by downloading a complete local copy of your email archive from Gmail over IMAP, then cross-referencing it to your Google Contacts in your Google account. I should state up front that the MailBrowser plugin is in beta, and likely to change. MailBrows...

Gist is a social media and personal relationship aggregator

The gist of Gist is that it's a web service that connects your various social media networks with your personal contact information to give you an enhanced view of your connections, and hopefully let the most relevant information rise to the top. It's a sort of filter, with the goal of helping you manage the information overload that is inherent in belonging to multiple social networks. Okay; the ...