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Ask DLS: why is every damn web browser logo round?

Maybe you noticed this ages ago, but the thought just occurred to me (and most of the rest of our crew after I pinged the list) this afternoon. Why is it that every web browser has a round icon/logo? Don't get me wrong - we kicked it around on the list and there's the obvious roundness in the phrase World Wide Web. But is there any other sector where the iconography is this uniform? Netscape use...

Google's dark fiber: What's it for?

In the past year Google has made a lot of news regarding its buying-up of so-called "dark fiber," i.e. unused fiber optic networks. This has given the conspiracy-minded lots to mull over, but Google's head of special initiatives Chris Sacca says there's nothing to get paranoid about. In an interview with Light Reading, Sacca takes great pains to dispel the world-domination myth, saying that Google...