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Does SPRANQ's Ecofont really use 20% less ink?

There are plenty of ways to green up your computing environment, from power saving apps like Edison to waste reducers like HP's Smart Web Printing. What about your typeface of choice? Can an intelligently crafted font really reduce your ink usage by 20%? SPRANQ - a Utrecht-based communications firm - thinks it's possible. To that end, they've put a lot of time and effort into designing Ecofont....

Reduce your computer's electric use with LocalCooling

LocalCooling is a free Windows utility that can help you configure power saving settings on Vista and XP machines. Honestly, it doesn't add any configuration options that you wouldn't find in the Control Panel, but LocalCooling does have one nifty feature that Microsoft doesn't include. It provides an educated guess of just how many watts your PC uses. Basically, LocalCooling scans your hardware...

Google turns off the lights for Earth Hour today

Google users in the US, UK, Canada, and a handful of other countries will notice that the page has gone black today. Do not adjust your monitors, this is intentional. Google is trying to draw attention to Earth Hour, an initiative to convince people to use less energy. Now here's the thing, last year there a minor controversy over whether Google should permanently change its background to black...