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ColoRotate: 3D color palette creator and CS4 plugin

There are a lot of different interfaces for creating and using color palettes, but ColoRotate may be the one with the coolest visuals. It plots your colors on a 3D diamond as you blend, tint and change hues to form a palette. More experienced designers may not find it useful, and may prefer something more straightforward. Beginners, on the other hand, might dig how easily you can make a decent...

Need a color palette? Got an image? Try this generator

There are a lot of ways to come up with a color palette. You can search through collections of them on a site like Adobe Kuler, you can put them together from scratch, or you can borrow someone else's. What if you want something easy and unique? Try CSS Drive's Colors Palette Generator. It takes any image and creates a selection of palettes full of colors that are sure to work well together. When...