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Set up a DIY cloud OS on your LAN with eyeOS MiniServer

Like the idea of your machines running a cloud operating system, but you'd rather keep your data and activities local? If so, the eyeOS MiniServer is a download you might want to check out. It really doesn't get any easier to create a DIY server. Download and run the executable, tick a couple checkboxes, and it's ready to go. Other machines on your network can access the server by opening http://...

Microsoft to launch "Windows Cloud" operating system soon

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the company will unveil a new operating system called "Windows Cloud" within a month. Now before you go jumping to conclusions, no Windows Cloud will not be replace Windows 7, it will not necessarily let you store all of your data in the online "cloud," and it probably isn't really even designed for you anyway. Oh yeah, it probably won't be called Windows Cloud by ...