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Gladinet maps Amazon Cloud Drive to your Windows desktop

Amazon's recently-introduced Cloud Drive is a great place to store your files online. It offers 5 gigs of totally free space, and U.S. users also get access to the handy Cloud Player app (for Web and Android!) which streams music you upload to your Cloud Drive. The service could be a little easier to use, however. Until Amazon releases a desktop client, Windows users might want to take...

Amazon Cloud Player review: functional, not mind blowing, and still US-only

It's hard to believe: our world-spanning network, our Internet, which is the cornerstone of free speech and free society -- which, on a good day, is capable of causing populist revolutions -- is still crippled by banal geolocation restrictions. We are, of course, talking about Amazon's two latest offerings, both of which are only available in the United States. Last week it was the excellent...

Amazon Cloud Player streams music from your free Cloud Drive to Android and the desktop

Amazon has just launched its free Amazon Cloud Player for both Android and the Web, plus an accompanying digital locker service, Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon has beaten both Apple and Google to the punch with a digital locker music streaming service for customers, and it can be yours for free, right now. The Amazon Cloud Player allows you to stream music stored on your free Amazon...