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Google shutting down Reader's page change tracker for sites with no RSS feed

You may not have known about it, but Google Reader has a pretty slick feature that allows you to subscribe to any page -- even one without an RSS feed. When the page is updated, it'll appear in your unread Reader items. At least, it will until September 30th. Google has announced that they're shutting down the tracker service, and it's not a complete shocker. My results with it were never that...

Trash Can extension adds better tab reopening to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a great Web browser, but it's got a few shortcomings. Tops on my list are the bare bones download manager and its crappy tab reopening ability. No, I don't want to right-click and reopen five tabs just to get back to the one Web page that I want reopened. I want choice! Give me a drop down menu that lets me choose from a selection of recently closed tabs -- like Opera does! ...

Another one bites the dust: Demonoid is dead

In what appears to be a continuing trend, popular BitTorrent site Demonoid, has shut down. Again. On November 9, 2007, the site went dark, displaying nothing more than a cryptic message that seems to say, "the fuzz turned up the heat on our landlord and we had to bail." It's a sad, sad day for file sharers. Oh wait, that was October 23, when the really awesome site was shut down. Or the first...