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CCleaner Enhancer turbo charges CCleaner's crap removal powers

Among the must-have utilities on my USB flash drive is CCleaner -- it's been cleaning my system of useless, space-wasting cruft for years. Every now and then, however, I find myself wishing there was an easy way to make it tidy up after a few additional apps without having to manually set up a handful of custom rules. Thanks to a post on Raymond.CC, I've now got a nice, simple way to do just...

Tidy up your Linux installation with FSlint

We all eventually accumulate "lint" on our computers whether it's in the form of empty directories, duplicate files, or temporary files. FSlint (Linux only) serves as a virtual lint trap that lets you remove specific types of lint to keep our Linux installation humming along. To use FSlint, simply add the directories you wish to search (/home, /usr, etc.), select the type of lint for which you're...