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Organizing school life with mySchoolog

Getting and staying organized in any school level can be a little difficult, now there is a free online application that could help. mySchoolog is an online application that students can easily use to track and organize their school lives. Users start off by entering lessons they take and organizing them into categories, and make weekly schedules. Schedules can be made through a drag and drop...

NoteCentric class note storage and sharing

NoteCentric is a web based note taking application, that allows for easy storage, and sharing of class notes. One thing that students aren't is organized. You know it's true. There are too many school functions (parties) going on, that it's sometimes hard to keep track of, and organize your notes. NoteCentric requires registration for access. Once you're in, Adding classes and notes is a breeze....

NoteMesh: Collaborative note sharing for students

Many people are now heading back to school, for the fall semester. A new service aims to make the learning experience a socially-sharable one. NoteMesh is a collaborative wiki-like way for students to share their class notes, helping other students who missed a day, are out "sick" or help for exams and term-papers. Finally the collective knowledge of the masses is put to good use in the classroom....