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Google's Chrome for a Cause campaign resulted in $1 million being donated to charity

Google's Chrome for a Cause extension/experiment ended at midnight last Sunday, and Google has shared the results of its donation campaign. The maximum amount that they were willing to give to charities was set at $1 million, and it was reached. 60,559,541 (yes, that's more than 60 million) tabs were opened by those who had installed Chrome for a Cause in the four days that it counted. This nu...

Chrome for a Cause extension contributes to charity with every tab you open

Google's Chrome for a Cause extension promises to donate money to a charity for every new tab you open in Chrome until this Sunday, December 19. At the end of each day you can choose where the money will go, and you have five charities to pick from: Doctors Without Borders -- an independent, international medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid in 70 countries The Natur...