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Chocomize personalized chocolate: giveaway and discount code

Okay, I know what you're thinking: chocolate on Download Squad? That's right! That's because Chocomize is one of the nerdiest ways to get chocolate online: it's a website where you customize your own bar using a multi-step process. We've covered Chocomize before in our holiday gift guide, so when they reached out to us offering to do a giveaway, we really couldn't resist. Chocomize is giv...

Chocri lets you show your love with custom-made chocolate

This is not a "tool" in the normal DLS sense of the word; rather, it's a "romance tool." Think of it as a little love life tip from DLS, helping you to be a more desirable geek. Chocri is a website that lets you create your own custom chocolate bar. Once you select a "base" chocolate, the site's AJAX-y interface lets you tab through dozens of different toppings and select up to six to put on your...