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Trillian Astra alpha testing sign-up

Over at the Cerulean Studios blog they've put up a form you can fill out to get your name on the list for alpha-testing the new Trillian Astra. Those who have paid for Trillian Pro or have done so in the past will get preferential treatment, according to Cerulean's Scott Werndorfer's previous post, but will be preceded by people who "Emailed [him] long ago" and followed by those who write a...

Trillian Astra sneak preview

At long last, Cerulean Studios has released some more information on Trillian Astra, the long-awaited next version of its popular multi-protocol instant messaging client. Apart from a sparse few screenshots, until now we've seen very little of Astra. Now Cerulean has put up a sneak preview site that pimps some of the features we can expect in the successor to Trillian 3.1. Here's a quick summary...