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How to reboot Google Chrome sync when you're having problems

Google Chrome's sync features can be incredibly handy for those of use who run the browser on multiple computers. Every now and then, however, you may run into a problem. In my case, I had certain bookmarks which kept popping back up even though I'd previously deleted them. Today I got an email from a reader, John, who was having a similar issue with his extensions. "Recently LastPass has...

MusicForMe cracks AllOfMP3's MusicForMasses DRM

Last week I reported on MusicForMasses, a new program from questionable Russian online music retailer AllOfMP3 that lets you download and listen to every song in their expansive library for free, provide you use their very limited Windows player that requires a net connection. Well, as I predicted in that post, it didn't take long for someone to figure out how to get around MusicForMasses' DRM....