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Google gives Blogger a long overdue facelift

Google has rolled out a whole slew of new features for Blogger, the company's user-friendly blogging software. In order to enable the new goodies, you'll need to login to instead of This is where Google rolls out tools that might not be quite ready for prime time. But once you try out the new version, you'll probably never want to go back. First up, Google ha...

Google adds post scheduling to Blogger

While Google's Blogger service offers just a fraction of the features you'll find from a more robust blog client like WordPress, it looks like Google is playing catch up. Just the other day we reminded you that you can check out for a variety of beta features and widgets that aren't available via the regular Blogger site. And now it looks like Google has added a feature do Blog...

Pimp your Blogspot blog

Yesterday we gave you a few pointers on pimping out your WordPress blog. So today we figured it was time to point out a couple of quick and easy ways to make your Blogspot site look a bit less like you ripped a page out of Blogging for Dummies. As you may be aware, part of the reason Google's Blogger service is so popular is that it's incredibly easy to use. All files are hosted on Google's se...