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Spam Clock illustrates the problem of link relevancy for Google, Bing, and other search engines

If you've wondered about the recent slow droop in search result relevancy, take a look at Spam Clock; watch the counter tick up, be amazed, or be appalled. Believe it or not, over 220 million spam Web pages have been created since January 1. That's one million spam pages per hour, or about 270 new spam websites every second. Spam Clock just scratches the surface of the problem, though. The real...

Blekko, the "Slashtag" search engine is slow, cumbersome, and just plain broken

Blekko, despite how it sounds, is a search engine -- not a euphemism for vomit. It's a search engine that, in its quest to go up against bigger opponents like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, has tried to set itself apart by lumping operators into "slashtags," calling itself "social," and touting how "open" and "transparent" its search results are. It also tries to put an overwhelmingly positive spin ...