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Twitter finally verifies verified accounts rumor

In response to a lawsuit by famed baseball manager Tony LaRussa, Twitter has decided to speed up the process of launching those verified accounts we've been hearing buzz about for the past few months. In a post on the Twitter blog, Biz Stone asserts that while there's no way Twitter's going to pay off LaRussa after their support team got rid of the impostor, they're going to keep this kind of t...

Twitter is shutting down autofollow

You may have run across certain Twitter users who follow you back right away, as if they have some sort of autofollow feature turned on. They do, actually, but not for much longer. Autofollowing has never been available to everyone, it was only turned on for users who sent a special request to Twitter's support team. Now, Twitter's getting rid of it entirely. The email, sent by Twitter boss Biz S...