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Download Squad Week in Review

We'd normally write something mildly clever in this spot, but to be honest, it's been a long week and we're just too tired to be clever. So umm, a man walks into a bar. He says ouch. See what we mean? Anyway, have some of our favorite posts from the last week: Help! Windows cannot open this file Ever download a shiny new file from the internet only to realize you have no idea how to open it,...

aTunes: Cross platform, open source media player

Looking for an iTunes/Winamp/Amarok killer? No matter whether you're a Windows, Linux, or OS X user, you might want to check out aTunes. This media player uses the open source MPlayer engine and is built on Java, which means you can run it on pretty much any devices that supports Java. There's also a Windows installer which makes running aTunes on Windows a snap. The program has all the features...