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Security firm RSA attacked using Excel-Flash one-two sucker punch

It has emerged that the underlying cause of RSA's SecurID gaffe was the recently-reported zero-day vulnerability found in Adobe's Flash Player. The exploit, which used specially-crafted Flash embedding in Excel spreadsheets, was first reported on March 15 and has since been fixed. RSA was hacked sometime in the first half of March when an employee was successfully spear phished and opened an...

Jaw-dropping and life-changing details about Chinese attacks on Google emerge

Your world is about to be rocked. If you're not a hardened, tinfoil hat-wearing the-apocalypse-is-nigh conspiracy theorist, you soon will be. Wired has just published a stunning article detailing a really scary report from computer forensic firm Mandiant. The story brings to light some disturbing truths about the always-connected, always-on world we live in. As an Internet nerd, I actually ...

Flipping the Linux switch: Package management 101

Your shiny new Linux system has it all -- except that one program you really needed it to install. You get online, you find the program's website, and click 'download'. Except there's not just a link to the program there. There are four, or five, or more links to the program. Each has a slightly different format, ending with .rpm, .deb, .tgz, or possibly even .ebuild. Some include x86 in the na...