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Pay version of Google Apps for your domain coming soon?

Google Apps for your domain allows domain owners to host email services at Google in a similar format to Gmail, with the added benefit of using their own unique domain. Administrators also have the ability to activate Google Talk, Calendar, custom start page, and domain web pages for different user accounts that they create. Google is expected to soon add Docs & Spreadsheets to this list as...

g4me - Mac OS X widget checks Gmail for Your Domain

It's pretty hard to argue that Google's Apps for your Domain service isn't both a genius idea and a powerful option for individuals and small businesses alike to leverage the power of their domain. An unfortunate drawback, however, of these services is that most 3rd party tools, scripts and add-ons built for Google's public apps, like Gmail and Google Calendar, won't work with these same services...

Google unites Apps for Your Domain with domain registrars

Google has just announced a partnership with GoDaddy and eNom, two leading domain name registrars, to allow new users of their Apps for Your Domain service to register a domain right from within Google's signup process. This is a killer idea that, in hindsight, sounds like a completely logical step to take, but I bet most didn't even see it coming. After you sign up for a Google Account or log in...