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Kanye West apology generator - Time Waster

To appreciate the Kanye West apology generator, you may need some background: by now you've probably heard about rapper Kanye West's outburst at the Video Music Awards, interrupting teenage country star Taylor Swift as she accepted an award. Even if you don't have a TV, I'll bet you've noticed that "interrupting Kanye" has gone viral, and it's almost unavoidable on the web. While Kanye's stunt is...

Skype apologizes to paying customers with contract extensions

Like any corporation recovering from a major service interruption, Skype is doing everything in its power to make sure customers don't jump ship and start using competing VoIP services. For two days last week, millions of Skype users were unable to connect. For some folks, this just meant you had to switch to a different chat program or pick up the cellphone to call your friends long distance. F...