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Fans shafted as Major League Baseball revokes DRM licenses

The crack of the bat, the smell of the grass and the pain of losing your purchased content to DRM deactivation. In what can only be called the biggest bonehead move since Bill Buckner's error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, Major League Baseball has deactivated a DRM license server used to verify your worthiness to play back video of games you purchased online. Due to an earlier decision to...

Steve Jobs flips 180 on DRM

Steve Jobs released an open letter to iTunes critics yesterday entitled, "Thoughts on Music" in which he discusses DRM, the major label system and why iTunes isn't "open." Ok, so in points the letter is factually incorrect. It tends to over-simplify the DRM debate by discounting any open alternative. As a well-known and widely read enemy of DRM, I'll take it. In Steve's own words, "Why would the...

Interview with DefectiveByDesign on TDMW

The Haz-Mat suited activists of DefectiveByDesign gained quite a bit of exposure when they waltzed into Apple stores across the country carrying signs and informing customers about the rights they give up when buying DRM controlled music from the iTunes Music Store. Our sister site, The Digital Music Weblog (she prefers to be called TDMW for short) caught up with the crafty folks at...