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Farewell, Internet

Well, here we are. More than four years after launching, Switched and DownloadSquad are unfortunately being closed. I've been thrilled to work at these two sites that have expanded tech coverage beyond the usual gadgets and social networks to cooking, culture, design, art and more. It's been humbling to work with these incredibly dedicated and talented teams of writers, and it would have been...

Is Google getting ready to drop a Chrome OS bomb on WWDC 2010?

Google was pretty clear about their timetable for Chrome OS when they first opened up the Chromium source code last year. It would be just 12 months, they said, until it was ready to be released. Fast forward to today -- Google I/O recently wrapped up, and Chrome OS was given a little time to shine. We got a quick look at the upcoming Web Store and a few native apps (like Lego Star Wars and Pl...