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Think you might be too drunk to drive tonight? There's an app for that!

Download Squad doesn't condone irresponsible levels of alcohol consumption - at least not without a plan for how you're getting home - but we know that it happens sometimes. Fortunately, you're likely to have your phone with you when you're drinking, and there's a new, geeky way to determine whether you've had one too many to drive safely. Yes, my friends, there's an app for that: R-U-Buzzed. I...

Download Squad's Pictures from The Crunchies After-Party

Don't worry, we're not going all Valleywag on our loyal readers, but with a bucket-load of photos from the Crunchies (and ensuing party) we thought it wise to separate the sober from the (Myspace-sponsored) party photos from San Francisco's City Hall. Thanks to all at TechCrunch for welcoming us Download Squad-ers to the event! ...

Time for MappyHour

If you are lost with what to do this weekend, but know you want to ingest a little alcoholic beverage and don't want the giant tabs that it usually might come with, check out MappyHour. This site based on the Google Maps API hooks up users with a Happy Hour Map. Enter your address to see if you have a happy hour location in your area, or search the Happiest Cities Locations list. The Manhattan are...