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ADrive lets you store 50GB of files online for free

A few months ago Microsoft issued an update to Windows Live SkyDrive, allowing users to store up to 25GB of files online for free. But a whole year earlier, ADrive was offering a whopping 50GB of free storage space. Unfortunately the service was hobbled by an awkward file upload system. I hadn't really thought about ADrive very much in the last year or so. But this afternoon I got an email from...

ADrive 50GB online storage service issues almost useful update

Last month we discovered ADrive, a free online storage service that could be everything you've ever dreamed about, if your dreams are kind of dull. Basically, the service offers a huge amount of storage space for free. But the interface was a bit less than dreamy. For starters, you couldn't upload complete directories. The only way to upload multiple files was to select them manually. ADrive rec...

ADrive: 50GB of free storage with a mediocre file transfer process

ADrive is a new online file storing service that gives you more space for free than any other site we've seen. Ever. We're talking 50GB big. But the thing about having that much storage space is that you're going to need a good way to upload and download files. And that's something ADrive is currently missing. ADrive's "coming soon" section says that the company will be adding a desktop client f...