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Microsoft to shut down adCenter Analytics Beta

Microsoft is ending its adCenter Analytics Beta. The company is no longer accepting new users, although existing users will be able to access the service through the end of 2009. You'll probably want to export your data by December 31st though, unless you're cool with watching it all disappear. Microsoft adCenter Analytics Beta was a bit of an answer to Google Analytics and other web analytics...

Microsoft to launch web analytics tool

Seriously, is there any cool Google service that Microsoft isn't trying to duplicate? There's book search, health sites, map services, and now web analytics. (Of course, we can't blame them, seeing as Google's taking on Microsoft Office with a web-based clone). Right now, Google Analytics is probably the most powerful free web-based analytic tool on the market. Sure, it has a few quirks that you...

Microsoft launches AdSense-alike adCenter

Last August we mentioned that Microsoft was working on its own online ad franchise a la Google's AdSense and the Yahoo! Publisher Network. Today that came to fruition with Microsoft's official announcement of adCenter. adCenter sounds like a clone of Google and Yahoo!'s ad networks but with a few twists. First of all, there's some heavy demographic-pimping going on, with adCenter giving...