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Use your email signature to support charitable causes

The "Consider the Environment" meme spread across email signatures like wildfire, and now Reply for All is hoping they can accomplish the same thing. Their service inserts an advertising-supported signature into your GMail or Yahoo Mail messages that supports a charitable cause of your choosing. Currently, there are eight choices: AIDS prevention, cancer research, children's rights, animal rights...

PETA mashes up Cooking Mama and Stephen King for gruesome holiday fun

'Tis the season to go on a murderous rampage, according to PETA. Once again proving hostile to cavemen but friendly to animals, PETA has re-created Cooking Mama in a Flash version (downloadable on Macs and PC's through the magic of Adobe AIR). Unlike the soothing "Better than Mama!" you're used to on the Wii, this Mama is more akin to Sweeney Todd. PETA is calling their creation, "Cooking Mama: M...