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Adobe Acrobat and Reader X now available in 23 languages, services in 38 countries

Adobe's Acrobat and Reader X are now available in more languages than ever before. The latest additions are French, German, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Ukrainian. Adobe Reader X is also available in Catalan... services learning Italian and Spanish

Adobe is on a mission to bolster its services, bringing direct integration with the recently announced Acrobat X, and new tools like Adobe CreatePDF and Adobe SendNow. In an effort to make available to more users globally, translation efforts are currently underway to make and all of its services available in both Italian and Spanish. Going live in the near...

Adobe unveils Acrobat X plus Adobe Reader for Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry Tablet OS

This morning, Adobe announced the latest iteration to their Acrobat platform, Acrobat X. Products getting the bump to Acrobat 10 include, Adobe Reader, Acrobat Suite, and Acrobat Pro and Standard. Most of these will probably ship around the beginning of December given that their free shipping promotion for pre-orders ends on the 30th of November. Adobe Reader X will be available for free...

CloudDrive provides easy desktop access to 5GB cloud storage

Looking for a convenient place to store 5GB of your documents and media files for free? is a decent option, though getting files uploaded can be a bit of a hassle. Their web interface only allows you to send one file at a time and you can't send whole folders. That can make for a pretty lengthy upload process. A more convenient way to do it is with CloudDrive, a small Windows... gets revamped and gets a mobile app

Adobe's service is getting a big update tonight, followed closely by a new mobile app for iPhone and BlackBerry. The name "Acrobat" goes hand-in-hand with the PDF file format, and allows you to convert documents to PDF and save, store and view PDF files. It also features some other applications, including the Adobe BuzzWord word processor, a web meeting service called... goes pro

Adobe has taken the beta label off of its web-based office suite. And while you can still create and share text documents and presentations for free, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account for up to $39/month or $390/year to unlock advanced features like the ability to create unlimited PDF files, share larger files, or host meetings with up to 20 people. Premium users...

Adobe launches online presentations app (web based PowerPoint)

When Adobe launched its online office suite at last year the site was a bit on the anemic side. Sure, it featured the slick Flash-based Buzzword word processor. But it lacked a good spreadsheet or presentations application. There's still no spreadsheet app in sight, but today Adobe added an attractive tool for viewing and editing presentations to Acrobat Labs. Like Buzzword, Acrobat...

Adobe launches Acrobat 9 and online office suite

Adobe has built a suite of online office applications to compliment Buzzword, the company's online word processor. We've covered Buzzword in the past. It's pretty, fast, and not really all that much more useful than similar products from Google or Zoho. Here's a rundown of the other applications you'll find at ConnectNow: A web conferenceing tool that lets you share your desktop...