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Microsoft publishes creepy Halloween theme pack for Windows 7

Dubbed with the disgustingly politically correct name "Eerie Autumn," you can now enjoy a ton of creepy wallpapers and sounds for the entirety of this hallowed season. The wallpaper images vary in quality -- some of them look like amateur attempts with point-and-click cameras -- but with 15 images to select from, there should be more than enough to sate your ghoulish urges. This is also the...

Microsoft blogger's new nature theme for Windows 7 is stunning

Microsoft continues pumping out personalization options for Windows 7 users, and this one's a beaut. From blogger Mike Swanson comes a collection of 16 gorgeous nature photographs assembled into a single themepack. Unlike some of the other collections I've downloaded, this one is top-notch when it comes to quality -- images are 1920x1200 and they look fantastic on my 23" Acer LCD. Got...

Windows 7 Ferrari prototype theme available for download

Sleek, high-end cars have always been a favorite choice for desktop wallpapers. For those of you who happen to be running Windows 7 and love automotive sexiness, you've got to check out the Ferrari prototype themepack from WindowsZone (German). The pack is available to download from SkyDrive, and includes 5 awesome, high-resolution wallpapers. The theme utilizes the Verizon sound scheme and...