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Big marketers to begin a push for higher ad-transparency this week, will use "power eyes" to tell users how they were targeted for ads

It appears that "privacy" and "transparency" are more than just the latest buzzwords to hit the online community. This week, dozens of the biggest companies advertising on the Web today are banding together in an effort to regain some of the trust that's been lost over the years due to ads. Alright, let's just be honest about it then; while regaining a modicum of the consumer's trust is an added...

Google sees the future, and its all about free cell phones

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt is dreaming about free cell phones. Schmidt said that he definitely sees a future where consumers who accept to watch targeted advertising on their mobile phones, will in turn get them for free. As advertising is starting to hit the mobile market with consumers spending large amount of time talking, texting, and using the mobile Internet, this new form of mobile...