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Yahoo! releases statement: Glad that's over

With all the talk of Microsoft's bid for Yahoo! leading nowhere, there's one important thing to keep in mind: Yahoo! never said it was looking for a buyer. Microsoft's takeover offer never quite got "hostile," but it was unsolicted nonetheless. So now that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has decided to take his ball and go home, we probably shouldn't be surprised that Yahoo! CEO Jerry Yang released ...

Yahoo! rejects Microsoft, turns to AOL?

As expected, Yahoo! has rejected Microsoft's bid to take over the web portal and its network of services. Microsoft had been offering $44.6 billion for Yahoo!, which the Yahoo! board claims undervalues the company. Microsoft has a few options available. The company could raise its bid price, or it could try to circumvent the board's decision by taking the offer directly to the shareholders. Meanw...

Yahoo may align with Google against Microsoft's takeover proposal

On Friday, we reported that Microsoft was attempting to acquire Yahoo, offering the company $44.6 billion for the takeover. Google isn't taking the new threat lightly, so Google's CEO Eric Schmidt called Yahoo's CEO Jerry Yang on Sunday. Schmidt offered any help he could in order to prevent the buyout. But it's possible this may be a ploy by Yahoo to get Microsoft to raise the bidding price. Th...