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Microsoft keeps distance from 'pirate' Russian school teacher

In an interview with Russian IT news site CNews, Microsoft Russia President Olga Dergunova responds to critics of the piracy crackdown which caught school-teacher Alexander Ponosov in the cross-hairs and prompted a personal request from former Soviet Premiere Gorbachev for Bill Gates to intervene on the teacher's behalf. Dergunova avoided most questions about Microsoft's reaction to, and position...

Gorbachev asks Gates to show mercy on pirate teacher

Bill Gates has been asked by former Soviet Premiere Gorbachev to show "mercy" in the case of a Russian teacher accused of software piracy. Gorbachev's open letter to Gates is available on the website of the former Premiere's charitable foundation. According to CNN, in the letter Gorbachev calls accused pirate Alexander Ponosov, "A teacher, who has dedicated his life to the education of children...