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Sling Media starts to take over the (multimedia) world

There's been a ton of news out of Sling Media during the first few days of CES. This morning, the company officially unveiled SlingPlayer Mobile for PalmOS. A public beta of the Palm client is due out by the end of January, with an official launch date scheduled for the first quarter of 2007. There's no word yet on pricing, but seeing as SlingPlayer Mobile for Windows Mobile has been available fo...

SlingCatcher unslings your media

SlingBox owners are usually pretty happy with the performance and options offered by the SlingBox. Now, at CES (where else) the makers of SlingBox are introducing a new device, called the SlingCatcher, which does basically the opposite of the SlingBox. SlingCatcher allows your PC (and more importantly its content) to interface with your TV. I am not sure I would want to see YouTube clips on a big,...