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Adobe Acrobat and Reader X now available in 23 languages, services in 38 countries

Adobe's Acrobat and Reader X are now available in more languages than ever before. The latest additions are French, German, Japanese, Italian, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Czech, Hungarian, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, and Ukrainian. Adobe Reader X is also available in Catalan...

Adobe Reader X now available for Android and desktop OSes

For better or worse, Adobe's latest iteration of Reader is now available for both Android and desktop OSes. From the sandboxed Reader 'protected-mode', to the new multimedia implementations, there's quite a bit in the new Acrobat X suite of software. Adobe Reader for Android brings quite a few changes with one of the highlights being text search, an invaluable tool for anyone reading any sort of...