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Android launcher showdown: LauncherPro, ADW, Zeam, GO Launcher and QuickDesk

Android's greatest, platform-defining feature is customizability. The entire operating system is open-sourced, APIs are laid bare, and almost every user-facing part of the OS can be modified by apps. There's no surprise, then, that replacement apps exist for almost every part of Android's stock functionality. In turn, to complete the circle of life, new versions of Android incorporate the func...

QuickDesk is a great quick-launch tool for Android

There are quite a few homescreen app launchers for Android; the best-known ones, ADW and LauncherPro, are very powerful but tend to be a tad on the chunky side. When you're in the middle of doing something and need to quickly switch to another task, you may not always like to go via your cluttered homescreen. Enter QuickDesk: this quick utility is basically like a single homescreen page, with wid...