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Enchanted Keyfinder quickly discover or change your Windows and Office product keys

We've all been there: you need to reinstall Windows or Office, but you can't find the blasted product key! Perhaps you've mislaid the disc's paper wallet, or more commonly the sticker on the bottom of your laptop has been rubbed off. The only solution, other than grabbing a pirate version, is to use a tool like Enchanted Keyfinder. Enchanted Keyfinder, which is free, open-source, and only 400K...

Vista brute force hack update: it might work, if you let it run for a year

The author of the program that allegedly generates activation keys for Windows Vista (if you let it run long enough) is back. And now he says the key generator "is a joke, I never intended for it to work." Further, he never actually got the program to work himself, and he says anyone who claims they have is either mistaken or lying. Here's the thing. In theory, the brute force kegyen could work. I...

Run Windows Vista for 120 days without activation key

When you first install Windows Vista, you can run it for 30 days without entering a product key. This is the evaluation period, but what happens if your thirty days runs out before you buy an activation key; if you're not sure you want to buy one; or if you were only trying out Vista and don't plan to buy it, but have some files you need to get off of that computer? Well, as Dwight Silverman foun...